Uber's food delivery app starts carting cuisine in the US


Uber is finally rolling out its food delivery app, UberEats, out of Canada and into the US, starting with Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

While UberEats has been available in some cities already, the app was only available in Toronto. But as it now expands outside of Canada, it is finally available on both iOS and Android, competing with services like Seamless and Grubhub and allowing for quick deliveries straight from your smartphone.

The company is putting an emphasis on speed, however, giving users an Instant Delivery option for certain items that can be delivered in less than 10 minutes, depending on your location.

And to really kick off the launch of the app State-side, LA-based DJ Kaskade, who is known to send fans pizzas, has been delivering pizzas himself via UberEats' Instant Delivery option today. For the lucky few who managed to order the UberEats + Kaskade option, he's been turning up at LA-homes with pizza in hand and two tickets to his May 7 show, which is sold out.

If pizza isn't on your menu today, however, you'll have access to menus from local restaurants partnering with Uber's food delivery service.

And for everyone else, Uber is planning on rolling out the app in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, New York, Seattle and Washington in the US, as well as Melbourne, Australia and Paris, France in the near future. More cities are likely to join after as well.

Via Billboard