Uber's new app delivers food, not rides

uberEATS is getting its own app

Uber is also bringing out a new app, and it will be giving you lunch instead of a lift. uberEATS, a feature on Uber's main app to deliver meals with a tap of a screen, is becoming its own separate service.

According to a report in WIRED, uberEATS' new app allows users to order food the same way as with the original Uber app, but with expanded features. It is currently exclusively available in Toronto, will it is undergoing testing before expanding out to other locations.

uberEATS has undergone tweaks both technical and aesthetic to stand on its own, but competes with other meal-on-demand services like Seamless and Grubhub. While food delivery apps have become a crowded space, Uber's Head of Everything, Jason Droege, feels that the transition is natural for them.

"We felt we needed to resist the urge to overcomplicate things," said Droege. "With Uber, you hit a button, get a ride. When you think of thousands of meals, all of a sudden that experience starts to need its own world to make it as simple as possible."

Available in 12 cities since its announcement last year, uberEATS allows Uber users to select from an updated-daily menu of dishes created by local restaurants that are then delivered straight to their location.

Parker Wilhelm
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