Telstra now accepting PayPal payments for bills

Telstra introducing PayPal bill payments
They really want you to pay your bill

The best way to make sure people pay their bills is to accept as many different payment options as possible. Telstra obviously agrees with this philosophy, as it has just introduced PayPal as a form of payment for its services.

Interestingly, the telco is offering the digital payment platform without any surcharge, which it charges for customers paying by credit card.

Initially, the option will only be available to customers paying their bill through the Telstra website, although the company has stated that it is working on bringing PayPal payments to its 24/7 app for Android and iOS.

With the recent introduction of account billing for Google Play, that means you can essentially use PayPal to pay for Android apps.

Silence on silent number fees

Telstra has also finally decided to do something about fees for silent landline numbers. Instead of removing the additional fee for having an unlisted number entirely, Telstra is instead looking to waive the $2.93 monthly fee for a silent number for victims of domestic violence.

The Telco claims it is still working on the specifics of how it will implement the change, although it is working with external organisations to work out the process. Ultimately, it believes it will have the free silent numbers for abuse victims within a month or two.

If you're wondering why it doesn't just abolish the fees for silent numbers altogether, you're not alone. Telstra claims there are "costs associated with managing and maintaining additional processes for these customers", but most likely it's just another way to maximise profit from the failing landline business model.

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