Palm Pre experience 'replicates using a Mac or PC'

Palm Pre - like a computer but in your hand
Palm Pre - like a computer but in your hand

T3 magazine is among a select few in the UK that have got their hands on the Palm Pre – a smartphone set to rival the upcoming re-boot of the iPhone.

According to T3's Palm Pre review, there's a lot to like about the handset, with the phone's "webOS one step closer to getting a computer experience on a smartphone."

Works like a dream

Aesthetically the Palm Pre is likened to a "small, highly polished stone," albeit one that "can stream the music service Pandora while alerting you that your flight's delayed."

Comparisons to the iPhone are inevitable, with T3 mentioning that in some respects the phone trumps Apple's handset, especially when it comes to its touchscreen tech.

"Multitouch works like a dream, with a light flick of the finger called upon when needing to perform an action," the review explains.

"It feels more accurate and responsive, particularly when flicking the finger upwards to exit a program."


The biggest thing the Palm Pre has going for itself is how intuitive the OS is. "The whole experience replicates using a Mac or PC," says the review.

"Being able to flick around from an email, to a chat conversation, to music, to a browser, and then back to email is revolutionary."

Finally, is the Palm Pre better than the iPhone 3G? T3 thinks "it's tough to say, but if you're adamant about having a hardware keyboard, the Pre's a clear winner."

Of course, we will all have to wait to see what Apple pulls out of its bag of tricks later today, when the inevitable upgrade to the iPhone 3G is announced to see if Palm's Pre-emptive strike has been a success.

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