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Your iPhone 7 won't bend easily, but it may scratch

iPhone 7 durable

Mere hours after the release of the iPhone 7, someone has already tried their best to destroy it with knives and brute force - but the best bit is the tech torture session has been uploaded for YouTube for us all to see.

YouTube channel JerryRigEverything revealed its durability test of the new iPhone 7 where it manages to bend the phone by brute force.

The good news is the iPhone 7 doesn't seem to bend as easily as it did on the iPhone 6 - which suffered the bendgate controversy - but if you want to bend your phone, you'll be able to.

That's likely not going to be an issue for you though - you're never going to try to bend your phone like the presenter does in this video.

Scratching up

In terms of scratching, the iPhone 7 held up well to keys. So it should hold up well in your pocket thanks to the anodizing process.

Scratching the phone with a utility knife did a lot of damage the video though - but again, it's not something you're going to do at home.

The YouTube channel also claims there's no sapphire lens cover on the iPhone 7 rear camera, despite Apple noting it features one in the spec list on its website.

A common razor blade doesn't harm the lens in the test, but another pick used by the channel shouldn't damage a sapphire lens cover like it does in the video.

Maybe Apple's sapphire lens cover on the iPhone 7 isn't up to scratch or JerryRigEverything's claim is false - just be certain to look after your camera lens if you buy an iPhone 7.

  • Watch the video below to see how the iPhone 7 holds up