You can now browse Twitter on the go without an account


You no longer need to be signed into Twitter on your mobile device to see what everyone else is tweeting.

The social media giant today rolled out what it calls "logged-out homepage" to mobile, where you can go to the Twitter homepage and still browse through tweets without needing an account or having to sign in.

Previously, going to the homepage gave you the option of logging in or creating a new account, but now the homepage will show you a list of curated topics to browse through.

The feature has been available on desktop for almost a year now in the US and Japan, and along with rolling out the logged-out homepage feature for mobile to 23 countries, it is expanding the desktop version to these countries, too.

Keeping you hooked?

Of course, if you already have an account, it would be easier to just go through Twitter's Android or iOS app, but the new feature does allow you to quickly check what's happening on Twitter if you don't want to log into your account, for example, on someone else's phone if you don't have access to your own device.

Twitter could also be hoping to gain interest from new users, who will be able to check out tweets or follow trending topics without first needing to sign up, perhaps luring them into committing to creating an announce.

The social media service recently reported that it has 320 million active users, but today said that 500 million people visit its website every month. That's a lot of potential new users who could be motivated to sign up if they like the tweets that they see.

Twitter could also be positioning itself as a more accessible outlet for live or breaking news, allowing anyone and everyone to see live tweets rather before they to sign in.

Of course, by opening up browsing without needing an account, it could also dissuade some from signing up, but it's a gamble that could pay off for Twitter in the long run.