The Samsung Game Hub explained


Premium games for all types of gamer

But if you're a more seasoned gamer, seeking to explore the full extent of the GALAXY Note II's impressive capabilities as a gaming device, head to the Game Hub's Premium section and you'll find a wall-to-wall selection of gems.

There are two ways of finding Premium games in the Game Hub: first, by descending order of popularity and second, by homing in on a specific game publisher. And the Game Hub brings to the fore games put out by the world's leading mobile publishers – namely Gameloft (Ubisoft's sister company), Electronic Arts, Glu, Com2us, G-Gee, TheAppsGames and good old Sega.

So, if you're a hardcore console gamer, you can instantly get your hands on GALAXY Note II-optimised versions of all-conquering franchises like FIFA 12 (EA Swiss, £4.99), Dead Space (E Swiss, £4.99) and Need For Speed: Most Wanted (EA Swiss, £2.99).

Premium but casual

If you're seeking something a bit more casual, but prefer to play on your own, rather than getting your friends involved, the Game Hub's Premium section still pulls out plenty of stuff that ought to be up your street. Like, for example, Tower Defense: Lost Earth (Com2us, free): the original and best example of the classic strategy genre.

Tower Defense

Or if card games are more your thing, you'll see that Uno HD features prominently – this £1.00 Gameloft game can't actually be found on Google Play, as it's a special version for the GALAXY Note II, taking advantage of its cutting-edge graphics hardware and the box of tricks that is the S Pen. The same applies to Glu's Diner Dash 2 (free) – a hilariously frenzied and constantly amusing restaurant-sim, enjoying its first outing on the Game Hub.

Always bringing you the latest

So if you're always on the lookout for the very latest and very best games for your GALAXY Note II, but don't have the time or inclination to seek them out (and let's face it, who does?), the Samsung Game Hub is there to act as your very own repository of fun and entertainment.

Give it a whirl, and you'll soon find yourself going back to it regularly, and no doubt recommending its latest picks to your mates.


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