The Apple Pay and contactless card limit just jumped to £30

Contactless payment
Contactless payment

The contactless payment transaction limit in the UK has now risen from £20 to £30.

That includes contactless cards and other services such as Apple Pay or Android Pay. You'll be able to spend £30 at payment terminals all over the UK from today – although some locations may take a few weeks to update.

Before there was a limit of three transactions a day, which has now been dropped so you can use your contactless payments as many times as you'd like.

Higher and higher

Some people are worried that the limit increase will make fraud more prevalent, however The UK Cards Association says that "fraud on contactless cards is extremely low, at less than one penny for every hundred pounds spent."

When Android Pay launches in the UK later this year we'll be able to use £30 a pop there too. Apple Pay currently works with any contactless terminal you find in a UK shop - it's not just restricted to those on the Apple site.

Over £2.5 billion was spent via contactless payments in the first half of 2015, and that's only set to rise with the introduction of Apple Pay, Android Pay and the increase in the daily limit.

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