Sony Ericsson unveils T707 'pulsating' phone

Maria Sharapova lounging languidly thanks to the T707
Maria Sharapova lounging languidly thanks to the T707

Sony Ericsson has announced the new T707 handset, a flip phone which has "unique pulsating notification and light effects".

Gesture control is also baked right into the handset, so should you not want to speak to the person calling you, simply wave a hand and the call is rejected.

The external lights allow you to change the light theme over the shell of the flip phone, which automatically switches between night and day mode.

Spec up

It has a 2.2-inch internal screen with a 3.2MP camera, as well as an HTML browser and 3G connectivity.

Other lovely little features include FM radio, a dedicated YouTube client and Memory Stick Micro support up to 16GB, although there's 100MB of internal memory should you accidentally swallow the thumbnail sized card.

Maz chat

Google Maps, geotagging and obviously GPS are included in the package as well, and it's so impressive that even tennis player Maria Sharapova decided she needed to weigh in with an opinion:

"The T707 is my ultimate new accessory," said Maria, while lounging on a chair calmly thanks to having this new handset. "I am always on the go and I need a phone that is easy to use, and of course chic as well! I never miss a call with the eye-catching light effects and personalised pulsation settings and I love the fact that I can just wave my hand to mute a call using the gesture control."

We're already sold... but wait, she's not finished!

"I can also use my practical and stylish Bluetooth headset HBH-PV715 to take my calls, check my emails and blog to my website from the phone. It's great to have a phone that looks good but also lets me keep up-to-date with everything I need."

Well, if it's good enough for her, then it's certainly good enough for us normal, non-tennis playing folk, so look out for it in Q2 of this year. Although we're not certain how you can check email and blog to a website via a Bluetooth headset... but that's probably something reserved for the rich and tennis-famous.

UPDATE: Apparently Ms Sharapova is sponsored by Sony Ericsson! This means that she may or may not have been coerced into saying the things she said about the phone... we did wonder how she remembered the model number of the headset.

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