Snapchat is coming to Windows Phone, but don't hold your breath

Snapchat looks like it's finally coming to Windows Phone

The official Snapchat support account on Twitter has heavily hinted that the extremely popular messaging app will be making its way to Windows Phone.

One of the biggest gripes levelled at Microsoft's mobile operating system is the lack of some of the most popular apps, but now it looks like it could be getting one more big name app to help plug the gap.

An annoyed Windows Phone owner tweeted @snapchatsupport asking why the app neglects Windows Phone users. The account initially confirmed that Snapchat isn't currently available on Windows Phone right now, but when asked if it would someday be available, the account admitted "There are plans to make it available in the future, we'll give deets when that's close. Hope this helps! :)".

Chat line

This is the clearest indication we've yet had that there are plans on bringing Snapchat to Windows Phone. Although the app is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with hundreds of millions of users around the globe, Windows Phone users have so far been left out.


Owners of Windows Phone were able to use third party apps that use the Snapchat servers, such as 6snap, however they have been recently removed from the Windows Phone Store – perhaps signalling that an official app will be coming soon.

The Snapchat support account went quiet when asked when we could expect the app – perhaps worried that it had already revealed too much – so we're not sure when Windows Phone owners can expect to get Snapchattting.

We've contacted Microsoft to see if there is any further information about when Snapchat will officially launch on Windows Phone, but have so far not received any new information.

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