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Samsung & LG sell 20m touchscreen phones

The LG Arena - breaking pre-release records
The LG Arena - breaking pre-release records

Both Samsung and LG have announced they've managed to shift over 20 million touchscreen handsets as the new interface gather pace in the mobile world.

Both the South Korean firms have managed the feat in a little under two years, with Samsung nabbing number two spot in all mobile sales and LG a little way behind in fourth.

LG was the first to hit the market with a touchscreen, with the Prada selling well, and quickly followed by the highly successful Viewty. It also produces the Cookie, which is one of the best selling in Europe, and the recently released Arena has broken many pre-sales records.

Party crasher

Samsung was a little later to the party, but has quickly made up for it with a number of high-end flagship touch handsets, with notable additions including the Tocco, the best selling pre pay handset in the UK, the Omnia and the Pixon. It has also upgraded these with the Tocco Ultra Edition, the Tocco Light and the Omnia HD all newly released or coming soon.

Samsung has also announced the i7500 Android phone as well, with LG planning something along the same lines soon, so neither is letting up in the touchscreen stakes, with LG especially betting big on the new version of Windows Mobile on its next line of touch efforts.

It's worth noting that Apple has managed to shift 13 million iPhones alone, and Nokia has managed to force over 3 million units of its first proper touchscreen phone, the 5800 XpressMusic, into the hands of users in little over six months.

And as haptic, capacitive and resisitive touch technology improves all the time, touch phones are going to be the most popular choice in the future, with over 500 million expected to be in the wild by 2012.

Via Telecoms Korea

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