Samsung faces long product delays, says expert

Samsung faces long product delays, says expert
The next-generation of Samsung Galaxy devices must be litigation proof

Samsung's crushing legal defeat at the hands of Apple could cause delays to its next generation of mobile products.

Apple's $1 billion award as a result of multiple counts of patent infringement may mean Samsung will have to rethink and redesign some of the smartphones and tablets it has in the pipeline.

Future devices will have to be litigation proof and that will take time, says one expert.

Chang In Whan, the president of Seoul-based asset management company KTB, told Business Week: "The verdict is worse for Samsung than what many had anticipated, and it will have to change some products in its pipeline.

"There could be delays in developing and releasing new models, which together with a potential sales ban could weigh on corporate value."


Samsung however told the publication that launch schedules will be unaffected.

You'd think it may have been planning for this eventuality for some time now, so hopefully plans won't be affected too much.

Another expect says the verdict may force Samsung to change things up a little bit, which may end up being even more threatening to Apple.

Michael Risch, a patent law professor at Villanova University added: "Samsung has deep pockets and they are going to change some designs up," "Not being able to copy may make them do better things than Apple."

Via: Business Week

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