RIM BlackPad tablet OS plans to be unveiled

BlackBerry tablet's OS to be showed off
BlackBerry tablet's OS to be showed off

RIM is set to reveal some details of its BlackBerry tablet device today, rumoured to be called the BlackPad, at its Developers' Conference in San Francisco.

Those expecting a flurry of images of the BlackBerry tablet may be disappointed though, as Boy Genius is reporting that the device itself won't be revealed but information about its OS and BlackBerry's next-gen OS will be.

This makes sense considering this is a software developers' event, but it will disappoint those who are eager to see just what RIM has been up to on the tablet front and if its device will be able to take on the Apple iPad.

All about OS

According to Boy Genius, who is rarely wrong in these matters, the keynote will be delivered by Mike Lazaridis and will focus on the next generation tablet OS platform, but it is unlikely that UK release dates or an official announcement will be forthcoming.

There has been much rumour and speculation over just what RIM is planning. Just last week it registered the BlackPad domain name and it is thought that the device will use QNX's open platform OS.

TechRadar will be keeping an eye out for the key announcements at DevCon 2010 and will be crossing all its fingers and toes that RIM reveal more than just some software specs.

Via Boy Genius Report

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