Poor reception for UK iPhone users

Some Apple iPhone users are having problems with poor reception on O2's network

UK Apple iPhone users are having problems connecting to O2's mobile phone network.

The problem is most likely related to the battery of the Apple iPhone. When the battery is newly charged, signal strength goes up so these people could probably boost up their signal strength by charging their Apple iPhone, Information Week reports.

The problems have been aired by some 100 Apple iPhone users, posting replies on an Apple iPhone discussion forum relating to reception problems.

The first complaint was posted just two days after the Apple iPhone went on sale in the UK on 9 November.

"My Apple iPhone can barely pick up even the slightest signal, although on occasion can pick up three bars, only for it to drop out again. I have two other 02 phones, a Sony Ericsson and a Nokia N95 with no reception problems at all. Is anyone experiencing same problem with their Apple iPhone, I would like to hear from you," wrote 'lawlbaker2' on 11 November. So far, 112 people have replied.

Some suggest doing a full restore of the Apple iPhone's software: "After reading this thread and others, I did a restore of the Apple iPhone back to factory (1.1.2) and voila - success. On my desk no service to one bar again (best I can hope for) but in the bay window I now get three bars which is great," wrote 'Cottycam'.

We've asked Apple and O2 for to comment and will update the story as soon as we hear back from them - an official Apple response is due soon.