Pay for petrol from your smartphone


Fill Up and Go is the newest way to pay for petrol on garage forecourts all over the country.

It's a mobile payment service which allows customers to pay for their fuel from the Shell Motorist app (available on Android and iOS) and a linked PayPal account.

The company claim, "It's ideal for busy motorists who simply want a fast and easy visit."

Upon pulling up to the pump simply open up the Shell Motorist app and tap 'Fill Up and Go'. Enter the maximum amount of money you wish to pre-authorise (starting at £5) and you'll get a message to "start fuelling".

Shell App

The pump will automatically stop when it reaches your maximum spend limit.

That's it, now you can simply drive away.

All details of the transaction will be stored in the app, including how much you paid, how many litres use, and even build up loyalty points for discounts on further fuelling up trips.