Optus trialling new technology to keep network ticking during large events

Better reception at sporting events? Sold!!

It's 11:59pm, New Year's Eve and you're trying to call your mates to wish them Happy New Year. But there are so many people doing the exact same thing that you can't even get a digital dial tone.

Optus has begun trialling a cloud-based technology with a company called Connectem, which will significantly and rapidly boost network capacity during those peak events.

The trial, which is being conducted in the company's Macquarie Park campus, uses Connectem's packet core virtualisation software.

Because it creates virtual packet cores, the system can be scaled up quickly during peak loads, like midnight at New Year's Eve or major sporting events.

What this means in the real world is that phone calls, text messages and Facebook updates should all happen like there was no network congestion in the first place.

World first

The Optus trial is a world first for the technology. Having successfully completed a lab trial for Connectem's cloud technology, Optus is now working to test the software out on Optus' 4G network in its Mascot exchange.

Given the rapid expansion of Optus' 4G network in Australia, having a load-bearing feature like this could help counter any negative response to the network should it fail under the weight of millions of users during key times

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