Nokia C6 slider phone announced

Nokia C6 - we've nicknamed it C6 Steve
Nokia C6 - we've nicknamed it C6 Steve

Nokia has introduced a slew of new phones to the market today, with the pick of the bunch being the Nokia C6.

The C6 has similar traits to the N97 and 97 mini, in that it has

been given

a slide out keyboard - for those who want to quickly write a message or two - and runs on Symbian S60 5th gen.

It has been given a 3.2-inch TFT screen with 640×360 resolution and there's also a number and FM stereo, 5MP camera and all the Ovi goodness you can shake a stick at.

Connectivity comes in the form of A-GPS, Bluetooth and 3G, and Nokia reckons you'll get five hour's talk time even when you have the 3G cranked right up.

Email of the species

Unlike the N97, there's little in the way of storage. What you get on board is 200MB but this can be enhanced to 16GB, courtesy of the microSD memory card slot.

As this phone is for those who like to bang out a message or two, there is a number of email clients supported, including Gmail and Hotmail and there's also a number of IM clients available.

Colours come in a simple black and white and while the UK release date is still to be announced, expect the Nokia C6 to cost around £195.

Marc Chacksfield

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