Nexus owners are about to get a great Google Photos perk

Google Photos
Google Photos on Android.

If you're rocking a Nexus phone and a big fan of Google's photo management app then there's a treat coming your way - code in the upcoming version of the Android app suggests Nexus phone owners will be given unlimited storage for photos and videos.

That's unlimited storage at full resolution, so no resizing or compression required. Anyone who uses Google Photos can already get an unlimited amount of storage, but they have to agree to their hi-res images and clips being shrunk down somewhat (to 16MP for photos and 1080p for videos).

The Nexus exclusive was spotted by Android Police but Google hasn't yet said anything officially. While 16MP/1080p may be fine for most users, it's a tempting offer for those who want their media files stored exactly as they are, with no changes.

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Google has put up a blog post celebrating a whole year of Google Photos - you may remember it launched at last year's IO event. Apparently the service has 200 million active users who have uploaded 24 billion selfies in the last 12 months.

Google also shares some tips and tricks for the app: keyboard shortcuts on the web, emoji search, shared albums and so on. One recently added feature lets you edit the time and date metadata associated with your pictures.

Google Photos is already a fine way of keeping all your pictures and videos safely backed up and accessible from multiple devices, but no doubt Google has plenty of new features in the pipeline, whether you own a Nexus-branded device or not.

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