O2: Lack of iPhone 3G 'not a problem'

The lack of 3G in the Apple iPhone won't be a problem, says O2 - EDGE is good enough to do general web browsing and checking the news, whereas Wi-Fi will be used for more data-heavy tasks
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Apple (opens in new tab) has been widely criticised for the lack of 3G in the Apple iPhone, but now O2 says that the EDGE network is good enough to give a "great experience" for Apple iPhone users in the UK.

An O2 (opens in new tab) insider we spoke to this morning said the lack of 3G in the Apple iPhone was unlikely to be a major problem for most users. "Most of our Apple iPhone (opens in new tab) customers will do most of their mobile internet business over Wi-Fi," the O2 employee told Tech.co.uk.

"Our deal with The Cloud means that Apple iPhone users - who are likely to have Wi-Fi connectivity at home and at work already - will have access to free Wi-Fi at 7,500 hotspots across the country." The Cloud asks you for your phone number when you first log on at a hotspot and then subsequently recognises your phone whenever you walk into another hotspot.

"Great experience"

He added that using the EDGE network will still give a "great experience" when doing less data-heavy web browsing, such as checking the news or doing a Google search.

Around 30 per cent of the UK population - primarily in urban areas where data traffic is proven to be the highest - will have EDGE coverage at the the time of the Apple iPhone launch, and the network will be extending further with time.

O2 wouldn't comment on whether selling future 3G-equipped versions of the Apple iPhone was included in its deal with Apple, just that the two firms had signed a "multi-year deal".