iPhone to get MS Exchange support

You can now get near-push email on the Apple iPhone, thanks to Synchronica's Mobile Gateway

Many have criticised the Apple iPhone for its lack of Microsoft Exchange support . It's widely viewed as one of the biggest issues with the device.

But today UK-based mobile synchronisation firm Synchronica announced that its Microsoft Exchange gateway now fully supports the Apple iPhone. So it's possible to automatically push your email to the device.

The Apple iPhone doesn't support 'real' push email capabilities - only Apple could add such support. But Synchronica's Mobile Gateway 3.0 middleware service offers a near-like experience. Especially if you're on an unmetered data tariff and can afford to leave the browser open to refresh every few minutes.

Mobile Gateway 3.0 server

Synchronica's Mobile Gateway 3.0 server scrapes content using a webmail interface and pushes it to you over IMAP/SMTP without the need of Microsoft Exchange configuration. This opens up iPhone for corporate customers, who want to access their emails on the go.

"The Apple iPhone is a very attractive smartphone, appealing to both the consumer and prosumer market. However, IT managers are not going to permit their executives to synchronise a device that requires them to punch holes in the corporate firewall," said Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of Synchronica.

"Mobile Gateway already supports synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange, but does not require firewall modification or any software to be installed in the corporate network, so this won't be an issue," Brinkschulte added.

Synchronica's Mobile Gateway 3.0 middleware also works with a wide range of smartphones and mobile handsets.