Love Game of Thrones? Dr Who? Google Now lets you add more of your interests

Google Now
Updates ahoy for Google Now.

Google Now is about to get a lot more interested in your interests, if an update spotted by Android Police is set for the world at large.

The 'new' version of the app, which some users are now seeing, lets you add sports teams, TV shows, movies, musicians, people and even stock price updates that want to be informed about.

"Get updates on your interests," says the new update card. "Pick teams, bands, movies, and more."

As yet there's been no official word from Google on the new features.

Now that's what I call Google

You can already do some of this in Google Now but the new update appears to make the process easier as well as offering a more polished interface.

The current app lets you add specific sports teams but you can't add specific TV shows or movies - only give Google Now a yay or a nay when it makes certain suggestions.

Google Now

According to the screenshots posted by Android Police, you'll be able to browse through topics by category, and see interests that are "popular in your area" - if your entire street is into Stranger Things, then you're going to know about it.

It's obviously a step towards making Google Now much more customisable and personal. We know from IO 2016 that Google has big plans for its various AI-powered assistant apps and the company has never been shy of trying to gather as much info on you as possible.

We're not seeing the update yet so there's no guarantee when it's going to appear on your device. It might just be a small-scale test by Google, but the screengrabs look polished enough for this to be a major update that's in the pipeline.

Here's more hands-on time with the Samsung Gear VR for the Galaxy Note 7:

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