Launch events may matter again as Evleaks retires from leaking

Launch events may matter again as Evleaks retires from outing mobile devices
Evleaks had gained a huge following on Twitter

Thanks to the efforts of Evan 'Evleaks' Blass tech fans have gotten an early look at some of the most high-profile smartphones and tablets, often months before they're officially outed.

Now, after two years of prolific tweets, many of which have spawned reports on TechRadar, the tech journalist turned full-time leak artist has announced he's giving it all up.

Blass, who earned a reputation for accuracy with his many leaks, says he's quitting because divulging photos and spec sheets on Twitter had proved difficult to monetise.

He told The Next Web he had tried sponsored tweets, accepted donations and pushing folks towards his website, but found users had little incentive to visit after seeing his pics on Twitter and across the web.


So, as a result of all that, Evleaks, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a decade ago, is plugging the holes and hanging up his wrench for good in search of a new career.

Mobile companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and Nokia will surely be breathing a sigh of relief tonight with the most prolific leaker of modern tech is deciding to call it a day.

Mobile fans across the world will surely be congratulating Blass on a job well done. Who knows, perhaps those glitzy launch events might actually be worth looking forward to again now?

Chris Smith

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