iPhone 6 to slim down for a 'June launch'

iPhone 5S
The iPhone 6 - the slimmest iPhone yet?

While we've never been one to call the current crop of iPhones or iPads chunky little things, apparently the LEDS used to light the screen are just to big.

As such, the iPhone 6 is likely to be slimmer than the iPhone 5S, according to sources from the 'Apple supply chain'. It's also likely to not gain any weight despite apparently having a larger 4.7 inch screen.

The sources, which were reported on by LEDinside, claimed that Apple would achieve this by using a 2mm thinner '0.4t side-view type' LED backlight, rather than the '0.6t side-view type' LED that current models use.

Early riser

The same sources also claimed that Apple might bring the iPhone 6 to market as early as June. That's a date which could raise a few eyebrows given that in recent years Apple has been releasing its handsets around September.

On the other hand we've heard the June rumour before and Apple does host its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, which would be an ideal time to reveal a new phone - which could mean this new technology will be used for the much-vaunted iPhablet Apple apparently has in the works.

It's worth pointing out that these leaks have nothing to do with the fake images that appeared earlier, even though they too suggested a slimmer design.

Apple has a history of making its phones slimmer and lighter over time and it's long been rumoured that the new iPhone might have a bigger screen, so none of this comes as too much of a surprise.

The supply chain sources also referred to the next iPad, claiming that it would be larger than the iPad Air, probably coming in at 12 inches and that it too would have a smaller LED backlight module to keep it slim and light.

Here's how we'd like the iPhone 6 to look: