Huawei vents frustration with Windows Phone

Huawei Windows Phone
Don't expect to see any Huawei Windows Phones any time soon

Huawei has spoken publicly about its frustrations with the Windows Phone market. Candid remarks about how handset manufacturers feel about the various platforms are rare, so this recent outburst gives us an interesting insight into how Huawei views Microsoft's mobile operating system.

It's no surprise that Huawei would favour Android, with the Chinese manufacturer mainly creating handsets that sport Google's mobile OS.

However earlier this year Microsoft proudly boasted of a number of handset manufacturers that were embracing Windows Phone.

There was even talk of Huawei and Microsoft collaborating on a dual-boot Windows and Android phone, perhaps showing that even then Huawei wasn't fully confident in Microsoft's mobile operating system.

Since then things have gone quiet regarding Huawei and Windows Phone, with the dual-boot phone getting canned in March.

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

So why has Huawei's passion for Windows Phone cooled off so drastically? In a recent interview with The Seattle Times, Joe Kelly, Huawei's head of intentional media affairs, admitted that "we didn't make any money in Windows Phone… nobody made any money in Windows Phone."

Windows Phone has been struggling to gain market share against stiff competition from Android and Apple's iOS. Remarks like Kelly's show that handset manufacturers are losing patience with Windows Phone's faltering popularity.

It seems that Huawei isn't going to be making Windows Phone devices any time soon unless the market drastically changes. If other manufactuers, such as HTC, start bailing then Microsoft could be the only one making Windows Phone handsets in the future.

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