Microsoft asked Samsung, Huawei to dual-boot Windows and Android too?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2014 could dual-boot Windows RT, Android
Microsoft's 'If you can't beat them, join them' strategy

Microsoft wants Samsung and Huawei devices to use its Windows mobile operating system, even if they're already running Android, according to a new report today.

This is the same dual-boot scheme that the company is rumored to have pitched to HTC last week after the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer reportedly ceased making new Windows handsets.

Interestingly, Samsung is said to already have a dual-booting Android-Windows RT tablet in the works, according to Unwired View.

The Galaxy Tab 2014 Edition is said to have run both Android and Windows RT and the whole dual-boot concept "works rather well," noted the site's anonymous sources.

The sneaky strategy that just might work

Putting the Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT onto a device like the Galaxy Tab 2014 Edition is a cunning strategy to say the least.

It would instantly increase Microsoft's mobile operating system share, giving the company the appearance that it's doing more than just breaking into the double digits in a few countries.

More importantly, it would put the languishing OS into the hands of more customers who are curious, but skeptical of what Microsoft has to offer.

Switching over to Windows RT and Windows Phone still takes a relatively bold leap of faith for those entrenched in the iOS and Android ecosystems as Microsoft's OS is still in its infancy.

The dual-booting process could make such a transition remarkably easier for Android users to convert.

Whether or not we see it officially hooks Samsung, HTC and Huawei remains to be seen. We have contacted each company for a comment and will update this report if we hear back.

Matt Swider