Huawei's Nexus will come with an Android app store for China

The Nexus 6
What's going to follow the Nexus 6?

We first heard rumours that Huawei is in line to produce the new Nexus back at the end of February, and since then plenty of anonymous sources have been queueing up to confirm such a device is indeed on the cards.

This weekend there's another report that a Huawei-made Nexus is indeed on the way, with an extra tidbit of information - the companies are also busy working on an Android app store for China.

The Google Play Store isn't available in China due to government regulations, with Android users having to turn to third-party libraries for their apps. It sounds like Google wants to fix this with Huawei's help.

Watch this space

The new write-up from The Information also adds that Google is offering its expertise to Huawei as the manufacturer develops its new smartwatch and other devices.

Huawei gets plenty of exposure in western markets from the deal as it looks to expand its operations worldwide, so it's a partnership that makes sense from both sides.

We're also expecting a smaller Nexus to appear from LG before the year is out, and the new devices may well keep the 5 and 6 monikers already in use. Any incoming hardware should appear around the same time that Android M gets officially pushed out.

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