Google may have chosen an unlikely partner for the next Nexus

Nexus 6
Nexus 6

Every year Google recruits a partner to help it create its next Nexus devices - so far we've seen products from HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Asus.

The latest in the smartphone range was made by Motorola and turned out to be the Nexus 6.

A new report found on the Chinese social networking website Weibo has suggested Google will be partnering with a Chinese manufacturer for one of two Nexus devices it has planned for this year.

The source suggests there will be a high end Nexus 7 model produced by LG while the lower-spec Nexus 7 will be created by an unnamed Chinese manufacturer.

That source did reveal the manufacturer will either go for its own SoC inside the new Nexus or a Qualcomm version.

Nexus Schmexus

Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer, has its own Hisilcon Kirin processor line-up that has featured in many of the companies handsets and could handle the job inside the next Nexus.

Huawei is the only Chinese company we know of that has its own processor range suggesting it is the manufacturer the source is suggesting.

At the moment this is all speculation, but if the information from the Weibo source proves to be good, it's likely the Nexus 7 will be created by Huawei before the end of the year.

The Nexus 6 launched in October 2014 so we have quite a long wait to find out about the Nexus 7.

Of course, Google also has a tablet named the Nexus 7 so it's likely we'll see a different name for the product when it is ready to launch.

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