HTC exec says 8X, 8S coming to three US carriers in Nov.

HTC Windows Phone 8X
US, get your hands on one in Nov.

U.S. customers looking to get their hands on a new HTC 8X or HTC 8S, the company's latest

Windows Phone 8

handsets, will have three carriers to choose from.

Just as important, they won't have to wait very long to get one.

Jason Mackenzie, HTC's president of global sales and marketing, announced during a press event Wednesday that the devices will launch on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile USA sometime in November, though he didn't give an exact release date or pricing.

Both phones will be available in LTE for the North American market, according to SlashGear, though whether all three carriers will have LTE versions remains unclear.

Betting the farm

The 8X is HTC's flagship WP8 handset, while its 8S counterpart is a lower-range yet still fairly impressive device.

As the WP8 OS gets picked up by more and more devices (see Nokia's Lumia 920 and 820), HTC is no doubt looking to revamp its style and image with the pigment-happy handsets.

The Taiwanese firm has ridden a roller coaster of disappointing sales and revenue, not to mention lost market share, as industry leaders Samsung and Apple were surging ahead.

On the flip-side, Microsoft is putting all its chips on HTC's new handsets to carry the WP8 flag.

HTC Director of Product Management Graham Wheeler told TechRadar that the "HTC 8X is the signature device of Windows Phone 8," meaning the Seattle-based Microsoft is relying on Taiwan to embody its adolescent operating system.

We'll know in November how U.S. customers, at least, react to the marriage.

A HTC representative also told TechRadar after the announcement it has no further details on pricing or the release schedule for the phones.

"The information announced today during the event is the most current," the rep said.

TechRadar has reached out to the three carriers and will provide an update if and when information becomes available.

Via CNET, SlashGear

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