Overnight news roundup: October 23-24

Leopard has caused Boot Camp to halt

Now that Tuesday has been left behind, it's time you tackle Wednesday and get ready for another day of interesting tech news. And to start your day off right, check out some of the stories you might have missed last night.

GestureTek - a company you have probably never heard of - has announced that it can bring the same kind of technology you find in your Wii to your mobile phone. According to the company, its technology will allow you to enjoy a whole new way of using a mobile phone, revolutionising what you do on the device you carry everywhere you go.

CompactFlash: meet RAID

If you are a RAID fan, you may be interested to know that a new CompactFlash card has been developed that's capable of supporting RAID. Addonics Technologies announced that its PCI card has four CompactFlash ports so you can add four cards and utilise RAID 0, 1 or 10 to stripe data across all four drives.

Migo Software has announced a new and improved version of its PC-to-device media syncing software that will be unveiled in January 2008. According to the company, the new software solution will bring together back-end tools of smart device and format detection that will operate at every stage of the media transfer experience.

If you're sick and tired of looking at that boring old TV box, you may be interested to know that a slew of designer TV boxes are making living rooms just a bit more lively. A UK-based company called Sky HD is offering a whole line of flashy boxes.

Hitachi leaves PC Market

In a move that has stunned many tech pundits, Hitachi has announced that it will pull out of the competitive Japanese PC market, citing stiff competition and poor future opportunities for growth. Prior to the announcement, Hitachi was just the eighth largest PC manufacturer in the country.

Lenovo today "upgraded its ThinkVision displays with a trio of 19-inch LCDs that help meet green targets and occupy little space on a desk." The new displays will hit shelves in November and will retail for $379 (£185).

Although SanDisk's Sansa View just reached store shelves, it looks like the company may be planning an upgrade to its PMP. According to reports, the new Sansa View may sport a 32GB hard drive - double the current offering from the company. So far, SanDisk has been mum on the subject, but with the holidays approaching, it seems the added capacity may become a reality.

Apple has officially halted Boot Camp downloads in expectation of the impending release of its new operating system, Mac OS X Leopard. According to the company, Leopard will be unable to use Boot Camp to create Windows partitions. But luckily enough, if your Tiger machine already has Windows running on it, it will remain intact after the upgrade.