Gizmodo editor's computers seized by police

Police raid Gizmodo editors house and seize his computers to find out more information about the lost iPhone prototype

Police broke into a Gizmodo editor's home in search of information about (and photographs of) a prototype next gen Apple iPhone this week.

Gizmodo paid $5000 last week for the prototype next gen iPhone, which was found in a Silicon Valley bar after being carelessly left there by a drunk Apple engineer.

Police raided Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's house this week and seized all of his computers in order to find out further information about the Apple device.

Computers and iPad seized

San Mateo police seized four computers, two servers, an iPad, and a number of other devices from Chen's house, while he was out at dinner with his partner.

Stephen Wagstaffe, spokesman for San Mateo County District Attorney's office, confirmed that Apple had contacted his office to report the crime.

"The allegation was that there was a reasonable cause that a felony theft had occurred," said the police spokesman. "This is the beginning of the investigation."

Apple has not commented on the raid.

Gawker's Chief Operating Officer and legal counsel Gaby Darbyshire claims that the police search and seizure was illegal under California law.

Gizmodo has posted the search warrant which claims Chen's computers may contain photographs of Apple's "prototype 4G iPhone," in addition to emails relating to its purchase, call records, and research on Apple engineer Gray Powell.

Via Reuters