Apple iPhone HD snapped and confirmed as real by Gizmodo

Apparently this IS the iPhone 4G
Apparently this IS the iPhone 4G

Apple's next mobile, rumoured to be called the iPhone HD, has been snapped, shot on video and 'confirmed' as real by Gizmodo.

The news we brought you earlier today of a unit found in a San Jose bar looks like it is actually real, according to the pictures and video shot by the US site.

The new iPhone (name unconfirmed, so we're sticking with the iPhone HD) is radically different to the first three devices - gone are the sleek curves, replaced by a chunkier plastic-backed device.

Gizmodo has disassembled it and prodded around everything it can find - sadly it won't turn on as it appears to have been remotely wiped by Apple, although the finder did confirm it was running iPhone OS 4.0.

Camera upgrade

The headline grabbing specs are pretty nice: there's an aluminium border around the whole device, it has a front facing video camera and the rear camera has been improved to include a flash as well.

It's using a micro-SIM rather than a regular sized unit, and apparently the display is improved too, although there's no way of confirming the exact specs. But it seems pretty nailed on that the display would fit the 'HD' moniker.

It might be three grams heavier, but the plus point is the battery is 16% larger, and the internal storage should be around 64GB - massive.

'Confirmed as Apple'

As the phone can't be turned on, it's impossible to say whether this is the actual iPhone HD (or whatever) or not - but Gizmodo is convinced it is, having poked around the innards.

Opinion is already divided over whether this is the finalised chassis or an earlier prototype - if this is the final design, it's an interesting direction for Apple and one that might rankle with some fans.

We've never had a leak of this magnitude by Apple before, so we're going to watch the fallout with bated breath - this could ruin one more thing for Jobs.

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