Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone 5C tomorrow

iPhone 5C review
Maybe the C stands for cheap, after all

Apple will put out an 8GB version of the iPhone 5C tomorrow, one O2 store has told us.

The retailer was unable to confirm the price the handset will sell for, but told us that you'll be able to grab one starting March 18.

The information originally came from some leaked documents from O2 Germany, outing an iPhone 5C that will retail for 60 euros less than the current model.

This would likely translate to around £50 cheaper in the UK. The 16GB model currently sells for around £470 SIM-free - a £420 iPhone sounds pretty good to us.

The cheap one we've been waiting for?

Despite expectations, the iPhone 5C didn't launch for as little money as we'd have liked to see it and there have also been rumours that Apple's baby isn't proving as popular as it hoped.

All in all, it seems like a more affordable phone is a wise move for Apple to make right now, especially given the overtures other manufacturers have been making to emerging markets.

We don't know about the possibility of the phone's release beyond the UK, but we expect most countries will be seeing it soon. The US could be looking at a $470 handset if it makes its way over.

Hugh Langley

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