Apple's iPhone 6 phablet could be even bigger than expected

Apple's iPhone 6 phablet could be even bigger than expected
Super size me

It's that time of year again – when the 'next iPhone' rumours start picking up in frequency and, hopefully, more credence. The latest couple, however, are sending out some mixed messages.

An image of what is reportedly the schematic design of the iPhone 6 have been put onto the web by Japanese publication Mac Otakara.

The 4.7-incher will 66mm wide (the iPhone 5S is 58.6mm) and 70mm thick, while the 5.7-inch iPhone will be 77mm wide and 6.7mm thick.

However, the source claims this is the iPhone 6C, and given the single LED flash and rectangular volume buttons, we'd be surprised if this was the flagship device.

Does this mean there will be two flagships and two Cs as well?

We need to go bigger

But then things get a little confusing. French site NoWhereElse has published a different image sourced from China, showing the back of an alleged iPhone which disagrees with the aforementioned dimensions.

This one lists the width at a mammoth 85mm, making it wider than the HTC One Max's 82.5mm body. It would also give the phone a diagonal display measuring 5 inches.

This one feels a lot less likely than the first. It would be a phenomenal jump in size and make for a pretty unwieldy device.

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