Android 4.0 updates due 'weeks' after Galaxy Nexus launch

Android 4.0 updates due 'weeks' after Galaxy Nexus launch
Ice Cream Sandwich could be with you sooner than you think

Ice Cream Sandwich could find its way onto Android smartphones within weeks, according to Google's Andy Rubin.

Rubin confirmed to AllThingsD that the updated operating system will be released "a matter of weeks" after the latest Ice Cream Sandwich phone - the Samsung Galaxy Nexus - is released in November.

It's not known which OEMs will push the update, or which handsets it will be deployed on, but Google has said that it will be landing on all Gingerbread devices.

Galaxy quest

We're currently chasing manufacturers for news of updates, including Samsung, whose Galaxy S2 smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet should be frontrunners for the new update.

Samsung Italy has spilled the beans that the software update will be landing in early 2012, with the Galaxy S2, the Note, and the Tab range all getting the update.

HTC, meanwhile, has said that it's "currently reviewing its features and functionality to determine our upgrade plans."

The biggest problem phone manufacturers face is in customising the new Android operating system with their custom overlays, such as HTC's Sense and Sony Ericsson's TimeScape.

However, this shouldn't be a problem for stock Android phones, such as the Samsung-manufactured Google Nexus S.

We'll keep you updated as and when we hear from the phone manufacturers.

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