BlackBerry set to go 3D?

BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) is rumoured to be looking to jump about the 3D mobile bus next year, following rumours that Apple, Sharpe and HTC are all preparing 3D mobile devices for the consumer market.

Might we see a 3d blackberry in 2011?

Might we see a 3d blackberry in 2011?

Research In Motion (RIM) are rumoured to be putting plans together for BlackBerries featuring a tri-dimensional display.

3D BlackBerry in 2011?

The rumours are linked to RIM's recent purchase of Swedish company The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), who are specialists in producing 3D user interfaces.

TAT has been working on 3D displays for a while now, developing technology that would be well-suited to use in a smartphone.

In particular, TAT has been developing a switch to a 3D interface based on the position of the smartphone user's hand.

Whether or not the typical BlackBerry business user will want to use 3D games, movies and other apps on their device is, of course, another matter entirely. It's sure to be an issue that is being discussed and debated at RIM's HQ right now.

It is easy to see the reasoning behind the strategy of HTC developing 3D Android phones – and, potentially, Apple developing 3D iPods and iPhones – as those devices are largely used as gaming and entertainment devices by consumers.

Whether or not RIM will follow the same 3D path remains to be seen.

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Adam Hartley