Optus is offering 24-hours of unlimited data for AU$5

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Sometimes you just need lots of data in a pinch. Telcos often offer something such as an extra gigabyte for AU$10, which can really drive your phone bill up, but now there’s another way.

Data-hungry Optus users are in for a real treat – the telco has announced a new data deal which gives customers 24 hours of unlimited data for an extra AU$5 a day.

Optus is likening the ‘Unlimited Data Day’ add-on to an all-you-can-eat buffet, where customers will have 24 hours from activation to indulge in as much data as they’d like.

“This may involve bingeing Netflix on high definition for 24 hours, which would normally go through 72GB of data,” says spokesperson for Optus, Matt Williams.

If you find you rarely come close to using up your data allowance each month, then the new AU$5 add-on is likely a good option for you.

It’s well-suited to someone who needs lots of data on occasion – perhaps for the times when your home internet is down, or if you’d like to stream video while you’re on a weekend road trip – then the AU$5 add-on might also help you move down to a cheaper plan.

Unlimited Data Day is only available on selected plans, and for pre-paid customers on a recharge of AU$30 or more.

Need that extra data? It’s only available through the My Optus App, so make sure you download it to get started.

Jasmine Gearie
Ecommerce Editor

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