OnePlus Nord 2 looks surprisingly like the OnePlus 9 in official images

OnePlus 9
(Image credit: Truls Steinung)

The OnePlus Nord 2 is on its way, and as such OnePlus is busy drip-feeding us teases of different parts of the phone. Most recently, the company has shared a first look at the rear design of the gadget.

As shared by OnePlus' Indian Twitter account, we can see an artistic image that prominently features the rear design of the Nord 2. Admittedly this isn't a real-life photo, or even a graphical render, but the phone is still clear as day (though we've no idea who the figures around the phone are).

As you can see from the tweet below and the image of the OnePlus 9 at the top of this article, OnePlus' upcoming budget phone looks a lot like its early-2021 flagship handset, with two big lenses joined by a third smaller one below.

On the Nord 2, the flash has been moved, resulting in a slight shift for the tertiary camera, but other than that the phones look near identical.

Hidden OnePlus Nord 2 information?

There could actually be a second hidden piece of information in the OnePlus tweet, beyond the image.

The text states "tune in on July 22 for OnePlus Nord: Part Deux, a riveting blockbuster product launch experience starring OnePlus Nord 2 5G". On the surface this could just be a cutesy attempt to make a smartphone launch seem a bit more 'fun', by treating it as a film premiere, but it could actually be more.

In the past, some smartphone companies have played up the videography elements of their handsets in a similar way to this - the Xiaomi Mi 11 is one example, with Xiaomi literally sending directors' chairs to journalists, and using the slogan 'movie magic', to emphasize the phone's video recording modes.

OnePlus' tweet  - and the photo, which could be seen as an attempt at a movie poster style - could hint towards big videography features for the OnePlus Nord 2. What these features are, though, it's hard to say right now.

We do know when we'll find out though. As per the tweet, and previous information, the OnePlus Nord 2 launch date is July 22. We'll be reporting on the announcement live, to bring you everything you need to know about the device.

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