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D-Link announces NAS router with photo frame

It's a router... AND a photo frame
It's a router... AND a photo frame

Routers are not, by nature, pretty things, tending to sit solidly in the functional rather than the stylish category, but D-Link is hoping to change all that with the release of a router that not only features networked attached storage (NAS) but also a built-in photo frame.

D-Link's Stand-up Xtreme DIR-685 is, at heart, a 802.11n router, but also offers NAS, USB device-sharing, an FTP server and Green technology in a sleek, compact desktop design.

However, the headline acts are the internet content player and digital photo frame capacity.

3.2-inch screen

A 3.2-inch screen (a little small, really) powered by FrameChannel can display the status of the device, as well as digital photos and other select data, such as weather forecasts and live streaming internet content.

D-link - photoframe meets nas

The NAS supports UPnP server functions, BitTorrent downloads and has a slot for a 1TB 2.4 inch SATA drive.

"This router is the ideal solution for power consumers who want the ultimate 'all-in-one' networking device," says Daniel Kelley, senior director of marketing for D-Link Systems in Fountain Valley, California.

"Not only does it offer full functionality as a router/NAS storage/print server/FTP device, it's attractive on any desktop, environmentally friendly and internet secure."

It's a nice idea and a desirable piece of kit. Currently it's available for £189 from online stores like Play.