Nest may soon be able to help the elderly keep living at home with smart tech

One of the hardest aspects of growing older is having to ask for help and losing your independence, so what if smart home tech was able to help you keep living in your own home?

That's an idea Nest - the smart home company owned by Google - has been toying with. According to a new CNBC report, the company is looking at ideas that would allow the older generation to keep living in their own home for longer and avoid moving to assisted living.

Remaining at home for as long as possible is an idea called "aging in place," and Nest has been talking to experts in aging and assisted living to see what issues could be solved with smart gadgets.

According to the report, one idea would mean installing motion sensors along the route from the bedroom to the bathroom. Lights could then automatically turn on so those living there can see where they're going and don't have to worry about light switches.

Extra confidence

That's tech the company can already implement, but it's rumored it also has some brand new ideas for the space. One such idea is prediction tech through security cameras that could keep an eye out for possibly life-threatening falls in the home.

Even if it can't predict falls before they happen, it could use security cameras to know when to call emergency services or notify family members.

Other applications of smart home tech for the elderly include keeping an eye on the temperature through smart thermostats or notifying family members if there hasn't been enough movement around the home. 

Nothing is set in stone yet, but you may soon see the company developing further technology to keep an eye on and help out the elderly. 

This is very much in the rumored ideas stage for now, but it may be there will be new products designed for that age group soon.

James Peckham

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