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Simon Cowell invades your mobile

You chance to find out if you have the X-Factor
You chance to find out if you have the X-Factor

Saturday night fans of Cheryl Cole and co will be pleased to find out they now have the chance to prove they have the X Factor on their mobiles thanks to a new game from Namco Bandai.

Based on the show, the game is designed to let players guide a character through the each stage of the show on the road to virtual stardom.

After the auditions, where there may or may not be a 'unnecessarily derisory' mode from the judges, players will have to learn to sing, dance and act like a star.


Using your free time in the game to maximum effect, as well as participating in mini-games, will help you along the way to finding out whether you have the X-Factor... or whether you can button bash at the right time in a crude attempt at learning the 'choreography'.

Players are then thrust into the limelight to challenge for the number one spot, and the story is portrayed through magazine articles, text messages from relatives, friends and the media, and fan page comments made by the competition and fans.

There's no mention about what happens after the single... we assume there's a 'burn out' mode, where the next single does poorly, and you go off to some independent label and try to do 'proper' music, before eventually being spotted at a bowling alley and asked if you used to be in B*Witched.