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Philips iPhone killer - unlikely for Europe

Philips 180
Do you remember these phones? They were awesome

The new iPhone wannabe doing the rounds has been the Philips Xenium X-Connect / X800 mobile, but sources at Philips say it won’t be landing here in the UK. Or even anywhere that’s not called China.

Apparently touch screen enabled, the new phone will only ever be available in the Chinese markets since the sale of the Philips handset brand to China Electronics Corp (CEC).

Our source at Philips says: “I don’t think they’d be allowed to use the Philips brand name outside of China, as Philips would be cautious about letting such its brand name go global.”

The handset images ‘leaked’ (see them here) showed a camera application on the front screen, but no camera on the back. Rendered images, anyone?

Apparently the last phone to come from the Le Mans factory, which manufactured the Philips handsets, was released back in 2005, so the handset rumours, if they are to be believed, would be confined to the Chinese market.