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iPhone to get turn by turn directions

Turn by turn? Yes please.
Turn by turn? Yes please.

The iPhone 3G is likely to get turn-by-turn GPS directions in the near future, as Apple product head Greg Joswiak says there is no reason why the phone can't do it.

Despite the iPhone 3G launching to huge acclaim last week, there are still a number of things people wanted in the device that haven't materialised.

The GPS issue was a hot topic, as many developers claimed the SDK forbade the creation of driving direction Apps, and The New York Times claimed that the antenna in the iPhone 3G was too small to run such an application.

But according to AppScout, Joswiak says the GPS is the same as found anywhere else, and the reason for the delay is down to complicated issues (possibly legal).

"It will evolve. I think our developers will amaze us," he said.

The TomTom App is still apparently in the labs of the navigation firm, but apparently it's working "pretty well" according to TomTom spokesperson Yann Lafargue.

Office not-so-suite

Other criticismsof the new iPhoneinclude the lack of cut-and-paste functionality in documents, and the fact no Office Suite for the iPhone was even rumoured.

The cut and paste function's lack of appearance seems to be down to simply running out of development time according to Joswiak's comments.

Apple ran a priority list of things the iPhone could do in the time given, and this just wasn't deemed as important as the rest.

It also seems this is the reason why the Office Suite hasn't been seen thus far, coupled with the fact there may be issues with applications having their own space to store files.

"There's no cross-application file structure," he said.

We prefer to dwell on the lack of cut and paste functionality. At least we can understand that one.