Windows Live app for iPhone on the way

iPhone - appy days?
iPhone - appy days?

A Windows Live application for Apple's iPhone and better support for Hotmail on the device is being considered by Microsoft as it rolls out the latest raft of changes to its online software and services.

The Redmond based company is releasing its third wave of Windows Live software, and Senior Director of Social Networking Jeff Kunis told TechRadar that matters like easier access to Hotmail from a mobile device and applications that make Windows Live more popular on all devices are very much on the roadmap.

"The simple answer is yes," said Kunis when asked if better support for the iPhone was on the way.


"It's a staggered approach; right now there is a Facebook application that allows you to have Live Messenger from within your Facebook account and with status integration as well.

"Secondly there are applications out there that you can download to your iPhone and have access to your Windows Live Hotmail in a native way and we expect those to get richer as time goes on.

"Thirdly, is that for a long time pop email has only been available for those people with a subscription, but that's now being opened up to everyone on Hotmail – so that's a huge win for the consumer."

The roll out of pop email – essentially allowing people much easier access to their Live Hotmail – will be occurring in all markets in the next few months confirmed the Live team.

Model we subscribe to

Windows Live Senior Director Ryan Gavin reiterated Kunis's comments adding: "You've heard from Jeff about the apps that are already out there for things like Facebook and you can certainly expect that model to continue on other big platforms that are gaining traction like the iPhone.

"That model is absolutely one that we subscribe to in terms of where you are and the services you are getting to the things you need."

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