Toshiba lets you design your own laptop cover

Lapjacks lets you design your own laptop cover

Toshiba has announced today the launch of its Lapjacks service which enables you to design an entirely original, customised cover for your laptop. The website allows you to choose from thousands of high quality images, upload your own digital photographs or even create an original design and submit it for production.

The designs are then printed onto a high quality adhesive vinyl cover that is engineered to fit the exact dimensions of your laptop, and sent out to you.

The material sticks firmly to the laptop cover, but can also be removed cleanly, and easily reused if required. Thousands of images are available already from some of the UK's biggest and best image libraries.

"The personal design service offered by Lapjacks means that laptop users are able to make their laptops look and feel the way they want. Consumer electronics devices are becoming multi-purpose accessories and people want their devices to reflect their personal choice and style," said Matt McDowell at Toshiba.

Design your own laptop cover

"For the first time ever people will be able to design their notebooks to reflect their personality," he continued.

Toshiba is the first laptop manufacturer to offer this type of customisation to its customers in the UK, but the product can be produced to fit any laptop make or model.

The company is also aiming to offer sports clubs, music bands and movie Lapjacks to customers in the near future. This will increase the variety of choice even further for consumers and enable further personalisation.

Lapjacks are available from the official Lapjacks site priced at £15 for pre-stocked imagery and £30 for customised designs.

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