First 3G Windows 7 tablet PC arrives

Ambiance Technology's new AT-tablet is the first Windows 7 touchscreen tablet PC to market in Europe
Ambiance Technology's new AT-tablet is the first Windows 7 touchscreen tablet PC to market in Europe

If you have been holding back on investing in an iPad or other tablet PC until a Windows 7 machine arrived, then your wait is over.

Dutch outfit Ambiance Technology has launched the AT-Tablet, the first 3G-capable Windows 7 Home Premium powered tablet PC on the market.

Congratulated by Microsoft

"Introducing the 10 inch AT Tablet, Dutch Ambiance Technology is the first company in Europe to launch a consumer 3G touchpad operated by Windows 7 Home Premium," reads the company's release just in.

"The new tablet PC performance matches every modern laptop and – unlike his famous counterpart the iPad – allows all Windows software to be used."

Ambiance Technology MD Eric Schouten expresses surprise that nobody else has beat them to market with a Windows 7 tablet PC.

"Microsoft even called to congratulate us with the fist professional answer to all the Android commotion," notes Schouten.

AT Tablet users will now be able to use the same programs they are familiar with on their PC, which Schouten clearly hopes will be the key USP attached to his new device.

Do everything you do on a PC

The tablet lets you surf the web wherever you are with a 3G-connection, as well as allowing you to do pretty much everything else you might do on your home PC or laptop – "watch movies, listen to music, read e-books, watch or alter their documents, visit social networks and do everything they normally do behind their computer."

Well, apart from touch-typing on a traditional keyboard, perhaps…

"You carry your digital life with you. This tablet makes you more mobile, frees you from an endless dependency on wires, sockets or special app stores," Schouten says.

For more on the AT-Tablet, which should be on shelves in November – and which packs lots of extras that the iPad doesn't have such as a built-in 1.3 mega-pixel webcam and microphone, a 160 Gb hard drive, USB ports, card readers, LAN, Bluetooth and a mini VGA connector to a LCD monitor – you can head over to

Adam Hartley