Microsoft paves the way for Windows 10 Timeline with support for iOS devices

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Looking forward to Microsoft’s new Timeline feature arriving in the next big (hopefully imminent) Windows 10 update? Well, there’s some good news regarding its progress, as Timeline support has been added to Edge on iOS.

At the moment, this is still only for preview users of Edge – i.e. those testing the browser on iOS – who will need to snag version 41.14.1 (by updating Edge via the TestFlight app).

The feature gives you a visual timeline of the Windows 10 desktop and also allows for seamless hook-up with mobile devices, and with iOS support now coming in, this means you can see your Apple device’s browsing history on your PC’s Timeline.

And that should make it so much easier to find that website you were looking at on your handset while travelling back home on the bus.

Cross-platform chops

It’s good to see this arrive on iOS, and Android handsets will also be supported in the future, which is obviously important because if only Windows-powered phones were included, the mobile side of the equation would be pretty weak.

For those who might be worried that somehow Timeline could be cut at the last minute – mainly because Microsoft dropped it from the Fall Creators Update towards the end of last year – this is also a nice bit of confirmation that the software giant is definitely paving the way for the feature to go live with the arrival of the Spring Creators Update.

Speaking of that update, Microsoft was expected to launch it last week, but it has been delayed due to some stability issues, with crashes being caused on some PCs. The latest we’ve heard is that those problems have been resolved now, so the rollout should begin soon; most likely next week.

Via MS Power User

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