Windows 10 Timeline won’t make the cut for Fall Creators Update

Microsoft’s neat Timeline feature, which allows for easily working across multiple devices in Windows 10, has been delayed and won’t be included in the big Fall Creators Update as was originally planned.

That’ll be something of a disappointment for those running multiple pieces of hardware, as this is a major boon for Windows 10 users. 

The Timeline feature shows a visual timeline of the desktop, allowing the user to jump right back into what they were doing on another device – and that includes Android and iOS handsets.

As well as allowing for this seamless transition when switching between different devices, it will also let the user revisit a desktop state from an earlier time. A bit like a desktop Time Machine (now where have we heard that term before…?).

Testing, testing…

So when will Timeline be ready? As The Verge reports, Joe Belfiore, the guy in charge of operating systems at Microsoft, commented: “Timeline won't be in the Fall Creators Update. We're planning for it to be in early insider builds shortly after Fall Creators Update is out.”

In other words, testing of the feature will only begin after the big update drops, putting Timeline back considerably on the Windows feature rollout, er, timeline. Presumably, putting all this functionality together has turned out to be a more complex undertaking than was first thought.

In other Windows 10 news this week, Microsoft’s operating system has made good progress according to Steam’s monthly hardware survey, even if the folks who are switching to the newest OS aren’t also making the move to the firm’s Edge browser.

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