Windows 10 Spring Creators Update has been delayed by a serious bug

Windows 10

As you might well have noticed, Microsoft’s next big update for Windows 10 – thought to be called the Spring Creators Update – didn’t emerge yesterday, and has apparently been delayed due to the presence of a significant bug.

As we previously reported, the Spring Creators Update was expected to debut on April 10, but according to sources who spoke to Windows Central, Microsoft found a ‘blocking bug’ over the past weekend which needs to be fixed before the big rollout begins.

A blocking bug simply refers to a problem which is serious enough to halt the progress of deployment until a solution is found and implemented.

So when will we see this next big update for Windows 10? The fix is likely to take another couple of weeks, so in other words, the Spring Creators Update may now have been pushed back to the last week of April.

Fresh coat of paint

The update contains some major changes to Windows 10 including work to the interface, revolving around Microsoft’s fresh Fluent Design look, alongside a new Timeline feature which allows for seamless working across multiple devices. A load of improvements are being made on the Mixed Reality front, too.

If you can’t wait another fortnight to enjoy these (and many more) goodies, then you can always get the update now either by signing up to test it, or by initiating a manual download – although bear in mind you could be exposing yourself to the aforementioned bug, of course. If you’re willing to take that risk, check this article for full instructions on how to proceed.

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