Xbox Series X restock: Best Buy had plenty of consoles – when to get it next

Xbox Series X restock
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Update: The Best Buy Xbox Series X restock sold out within a few minutes; to get the next Xbox restock alert, follow our Xbox restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider, who will send you alerts when it's in stock – if you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications.

The Xbox Series X restock at Best Buy is happening right now, although it's only in stock at specific locations around the US, according to Matt Swider. This followed a smaller PS5 restock at Best Buy.

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Xbox Series X restock

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Prior story: The Xbox Series X restock at GameStop in the last 24 hours sold out, but it wasn't alone – the online All-Access bundle was flanked by a Target Xbox restock earlier in the morning, and a Costco restock late in the day. Newegg Shuffle also had a bundle one up for grabs. 

June 23 had four different Xbox Series X restock events. Target and GameStop, with the Xbox All-Access console bundle in the latter case, were very popular.

Here's how to know the restock time – every time:

Matt Swider is tracking Xbox Series X restock opportunities from 12 different stores in the US. Here's an example of the alert you'll get if you follow his Twitter account.

Xbox Series X restock

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Xbox Series X restock news: GameStop, Target

We saw the Xbox Serie X restock at Target on Wednesday morning, and Matt Swider was there with an alert as soon as we saw the Xbox in stock. Hundreds of people were able to get the Xbox Series X for MSRP. There's really no reason to pay a higher price for the Xbox Series X if you're paying attention to the alerts.

There was also an Xbox Series X restock at GameStop at 2pm EDT / 1pm CT / 1pm MDT / 11am PDT. GameStop sent out an email ahead of time to its PowerUp Rewards Pro members and restricted it to those members – at least at first. They get early access, which is something GameStop is touting to sell more memberships.

  • Pro tip: while we saw GameStop say this about the previous GameStop PS5 restock, we know that many people were able to get a console regardless of membership status if you use Apple Pay at checkout.
  • More advice: Using the GameStop app hasn't proved reliable. Using the GameStop mobile website or a computer browser – we'll send out the link in our alert when it gets closer (GameStop sometimes changes up the URL).

The other restriction for people was that this was for the Xbox All-Access bundle, which means you're forced to pay for the Series X console over time (a $499 value) plus the cost of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($14.99 a month value). The Xbox Series X All-Access bundle price comes out to be $34.99 a month for 24 months.

Some people prefer to pay for the console by itself or buy it outright, but that's not what was offered yesterday at GameStop online (and it wasn't an in-store GameStop Xbox restock like last week, which we exclusively reported on from line). You also need to go through a credit check, like you would when signing up for a new smartphone plan. That always a sticking point for some customers who get rejected.

With those caveats stated, this was a fairly straightforward GameStop Xbox Series X restock that lasted a long time simply because the retailer included many restrictions (with Microsoft's All-Access bundle and PowerUp Rewards Pro members getting early access). It's better than waiting on the Best Buy restock that got delayed.

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