LG's new 4K projector will give you 150-inches of screen from a diminutive tower

Considering the typical sizes of most TVs, we'd argue that the importance of 4K is secondary to other developments like HDR, Wide Color Gamut, and 10-bit Color - but the same can hardly be said of LG's new 4K projector. 

With a maximum screen size of 150-inches, you're going to be thankful for every single one of 4K's 8 million plus pixels. 

That's not to say that the LG HU80KA projector should struggle with HDR thanks to its 2,500 lumens of light output. We'll have to check it out in person to know whether this massive peak light output is matched by decent black level performance to complete the HDR experience. 

Towering above the competition

While other 4K projectors are short and squat, the HU80KA is a much taller tower that appears to be designed to sit directly on the floor rather than on a  table or stand. 

LG is also claiming that the projector can be ceiling mounted, though we're struggling to work out exactly how you could do so while accommodating its height. 

It's certainly eye-catching, but the market for 4K projectors is getting pretty crowded with the likes of the Optoma UHD60 having recently released, and BenQ's HT2550 launching soon. 

LG will have a tough job on its hands if it wants to convince people to let its towering projector into their homes over the increasingly compact competition. 

Jon Porter

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